RFC 1198

Network Working Group                                       B. Scheifler
Request for Comments: 1198           MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
FYI: 6                                                      January 1991

                       FYI on the X Window System

Status of this Memo

   This FYI RFC provides pointers to the published standards of the MIT
   X Consortium.  This memo provides information for the Internet
   community.  It does not specify any Internet standard.  Distribution
   of this memo is unlimited.

The following documents are standards of the MIT X Consortium:

      X Window System Protocol
      X Version 11, Release 4
      Robert W. Scheifler

      Xlib - C Language X Interface
      X Version 11, Release 4
      James Gettys, Robert W. Scheifler, Ron Newman

      X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
      X Version 11, Release 4
      Joel McCormack, Paul Asente, Ralph R. Swick

      Bitmap Distribution Format
      Version 2.1

      Inter-Client Communication Conventions Manual
      Version 1.0
      David S. H. Rosenthal

      Compound Text Encoding
      Version 1.1
      Robert W. Scheifler

      X Logical Font Description Conventions
      Version 1.3
      Jim Flowers

      X Display Manager Control Protocol
      Version 1.0
      Keith Packard

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RFC 1198                 FYI - X Window System              January 1991

      X11 Nonrectangular Window Shape Extension
      Version 1.0
      Keith Packard

   The following documents are draft standards of the MIT X Consortium.
   To become standards, further "proof of concept" is required, in the
   form of working implementations.  The specifications may be subject
   to incompatible changes if implementation efforts uncover significant

      PEX Protocol Specification
      Version 4.0P
      Randi J. Rost (editor)

      Extending X for Double-Buffering, Multi-Buffering, and Stereo
      Version 3.2
      Jeffrey Friedberg, Larry Seiler, Jeff Vroom

   Standards and draft standards of the MIT X Consortium are generally
   included in the MIT X software distribution.  The distribution is
   usually available via anonymous FTP from a variety of hosts around
   the world.  Questions about FTP sites for the current release can be
   sent to xrequest@expo.lcs.mit.edu.  The distribution can also be
   ordered on tape from MIT for a nominal charge, contact:

      MIT Software Distribution Center
      Technology Licensing Office
      Room E32-300
      77 Massachusetts Avenue
      Cambridge, MA  02139
      Phone: (617) 258-8330

   The MIT X Consortium can be reached by writing to the Director:

      Bob Scheifler
      MIT X Consortium
      Laboratory for Computer Science
      545 Technology Square
      Cambridge, MA 02139
      EMail: rws@expo.lcs.mit.edu

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RFC 1198                 FYI - X Window System              January 1991

Security Considerations

   Security issues are not discussed in this memo.

Author's Address

   Bob Scheifler
   MIT X Consortium
   Laboratory for Computer Science
   545 Technology Square
   Cambridge, MA 02139

   Phone: (617) 253-0628

   EMail: rws@expo.lcs.mit.edu

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