RFC 1295
This document is obsolete. Please refer to RFC 1417.

Network Working Group                 The North American Directory Forum
Request for Comments: 1295                                  January 1992

                          User Bill of Rights
                        for entries and listings
                        in the Public Directory

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  It does
   not specify an Internet standard.  Distribution of this memo is


   This RFC is a near-verbatim copy of a document, known as NADF-265,
   which has been produced by the North American Directory Forum (NADF).

                            User Bill of Rights
                         for entries and listings
                          in the Public Directory

   The mission of the North American Directory Forum is to provide
   interconnected electronic directories which empower users with
   unprecedented access to public information.  To address significant
   security and privacy issues, the North American Directory Forum
   introduces the following "User Bill of Rights" for entries in the
   Public Directory.  As a user, you have:

        I. The right not to be listed.

       II. The right to have you or your agent informed when
           your entry is created.

      III. The right to examine your entry.

       IV. The right to correct inaccurate information in your

        V. The right to remove specific information from your

       VI. The right to be assured that your listing in the
           Public Directory will comply with US or Canadian law
           regulating privacy or access information.

      VII. The right to expect timely fulfillment of these rights.

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RFC 1295                  User Bill of Rights               January 1992

Scope of Intent - User Bill of Rights

   The North American Directory Forum is a collection of service
   providers that plan to offer a cooperative directory service in North
   America.  This is achieved by interconnecting electronic directories
   using a set of internationally developed standards known as the CCITT
   X.500 series.

   In this context, the "Directory" represents the collection of
   electronic directories administered by both service providers and
   private operators.  When an entry containing information about a user
   is listed in the Directory, that information can be accessed unless
   restricted by security and privacy controls.

   A portion of the Directory -- The Public Directory -- contains
   information for public dissemination.  In contrast, other portions of
   the Directory may contain information not intended for public access.
   A user or user's agent may elect to list information in the Public
   Directory, a private directory, or some combination.  For example, a
   user might publicly list a telephone number or an electronic mail
   address, and might designate other information for specific private

   The User Bill of Rights pertains to the Public Directory.

Security Considerations

   Security issues are not discussed in this memo.

Author's Address

   North American Directory Forum
   c/o Theodore H. Myer
   Rapport Communication
   3055 Q Street NW
   Washington, DC  20007

   Phone: +1 202-342-2727

   EMail: 0004454742@mcimail.com

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