RFC 168
This document is obsolete. Please refer to RFC 211.

RFC 168                Arpa Network Mailing Lists            26 May 1971

The following three lists are those to be used for distribution of
Network documents. List A should be used by sites when they distribute
their own documents. to get RFC's to Liaisons as quickly as possible.
All but local mail should be sent Air Mail. Lists B and C will be used
by NIC in making distribution of copies to non-site Network Participants
and to Station Agents. These Lists supercede RPC 95 and RFC 155. For
phone numbers and lists of names by sites see the Current Directory of
Network Participants.

                      A. Initial Distribution List

   Note: This list includes all Network Liaisons and others who should
   receive initial distribution of RFC's, whether sent from NIC or from
   sites. They will also receive selected catalogs and other formal
   documents from NIC.

AMES-ILLIAC                        CASE
   John McConell                      Dr. Patrick W. Foulk
   NASA Ames Research Center          Jennings Computing Center
   Mail Stop 233-9                    Room 306, Crawford Hall
   Moffett Field, California, 94035   Case Western Reserve University
                                      10900 Euclid Avenue
                                      Cleveland, Ohio 44106

AMES-CD                            CCA
   Wayne Hathaway                     Richard Winter
   Mail Stop 233-9                    Computer Corporation of America
   NASA Ames Research Center          565 Technology Square
   Moffett Field, California, 94035   Cambridge, Mass. 02139

ARC                                CMU
   John T. Melvin                     Harold R. Van Zoeren
   Stanford Research Institute        Carnegie-Mellon University
   Augmentation Research Center       Computer Science Department
   333 Ravenswood Avenue              Schenley Park
   Menlo Park, Calif. 94025           Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213

   Jeanne B. North (for NIC)          Robert Sundberg
   Stanford Research Institute        Harvard University
   Augmentation Research Center       Aiken Computer Laboratory
   333 Ravenswood Avenue              33 Oxford Street
   Menlo Park, Calif. 94025           Cambridge, Mass. 02138

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ARPA Network Mailing Lists      RFC 168                         NIC 6785

ARPA                               IBMW
   Dr. Lawrence G. Roberts            Douglas McKay
   Advanced Research Projects Agency  IBM Watson Research Center
   1400 Wilson Boulevard              P.O. Box 218
   Arlington, Virginia 22209          Yorktown Heights, N.Y. 10598

BBN-SCI                            ILL
   Dan Murphy                         James Madden
   Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.       University of Illinois
   50 Moulton Street                  Center for Advanced Computation
   Cambridge, Mass. 02138             168 Engineering Research Lab.
                                      Urbana, Illinois 61801

BBN-SYS                            LINC-67
   Alex McKenzie                      Joel Winett
   Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.       Mass. Institute of Technology
   50 Moulton Street                  Lincoln Laboratory
   Cambridge, Mass. 02138             244 Wood Street
                                      Lexington, Mass. 02173

INC-TX2                           SU-AI
   William Kantrowitz                James A. (Andy) Moorer
   Mass. Institute of Technology     Stanford University
   Lincoln Laboratory                Computation Center, AI Project
   244 Wood Street                   Stanford, Calif. 94305
   Lexington, Mass. 02173

MAC                               SU-HP
   Albert Vezza                      Edward A. Feigenbaum
   Mass. Institute of Technology     Stanford University
   Project MAC                       Heuristic Programming
   545 Technology Square             Department of Computer Science
   Cambridge, Mass. 02139            Serra House
                                     Stanford, Calif. 94305
MITRE                             UCLA-CCN
   David Wood                        Robert Braden
   MITRE Corporation                 University of California at L.A.
   Information Systems Dept., W140   5308 Math Sciences Building
   Westgate Research Park            Los Angeles, Calif. 90024
   McLean, Va. 22101

NBS                               UCLA-NMC
   Thomas N. Pyke, Jr.               Ari Ollikainen
   National Bureau of Standards      University of California at L.A.
   Center for Computer Sciences and  Computer Science Department
   Technology                        3732 Boelter Hill
   Washington, D.C. 20234            Los Angeles, Calif. 90024

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ARPA Network Mailing Lists      RFC 168                         NIC 6785

NIC                                  Steve Crocker (for ARPA Office
   see ARC                           Liaison)
                                     University of California at L.A.
                                     Computer Science Department
                                     3732 Boelter Hill
                                     Los Angeles, Calif. 90024

RADC                              UCSB
   Thomas Lawrence                   James White
   Rome Air Development Center(ISIM) Univ. of Calif. at St. Barbara
   Griffiss Air Force Base           Computer Research Laboratory
   Rome, New York 13440              Santa Barbara, Calif. 93106

RAND                              USC
   John Heafner                      Dr. Richard E. Kaplan
   Rand Corporation                  University of Southern Calif.
   Computer Science Department       School of Engineering
   Santa Monica, Calif. 90406        Los Angeles, Calif. 90007

RAY                               UTAH
   Thomas O'Sullivan                 Barry D. Wessler
   Raytheon Data Systems             University of Utah
   1415 Boston-Providence Turnpike   Computer Science / IRL
   Norwood, Mass. 02062              Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

   Abe Landsberg
   System Development Corporation
   2500 Colorado Avenue
   Santa Monica, Calif. 90406

   Michael Weber
   Stanford Research Institute
   Artificial Intelligence Group
   333 Ravenswood Avenue
   Menlo Park, Calif. 94025

                   B. List for Distribution from NIC

   Note: These Network participants will receive all formal
   Network documents sent from NIC, in the mailing to Liaisons
   when such is made, otherwise at the time documents are sent
   to Station Agents.

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ARPA Network Mailing Lists      RFC 168                         NIC 6785

CCCTF                             WASHU
   C. D. Shepard                     Marianne Pepper
   Canadian Computer Communications  Washington University
   Task Force                        Computer Systems Laboratory
   100 Metcalfe Street               724 South Euclid Avenue
   4th Floor                         St. Louis, Mo. 63110
   Ottawa 2, Canada

DART                              WATERU
   Prof. Robert F. Hargraves         Prof. Donald Cowan
   Kiewit Computation Center         Dept. of Computer Science
   Dartmouth University              University of Waterloo
   Hanover, New Hampshire 03755      Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

   John LeGates
   100 Charles River Plaza
   Boston, Mass. 02114

   Alfred Cocanower
   MERIT Computer Network
   611 Church Street
   Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

   Tjaart Schipper
   13 Marijkestraat
   Leiderdorp, Netherlands

   Prof Art J. Bernstein
   SUNY Stoneybrook
   Dept. of Computer Science
   Stoneybrook, L.I., N.Y. 11790

   Prof. David Farber
   Dept. of Information and Computer Science
   University of California
   Irvine, Calif. 92664

   Prof. Peter Hirstein
   Institute of Computer Science
   44 Gordon Square
   London, W.C.1, England

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ARPA Network Mailing Lists      RFC 168                         NIC 6785

                         C. NIC Station Agents

   Note: Station Agents receive copies from NIC of all documents
   distributed to Liaisons, as well as documents sent as part of
   a Station collection. A mailing is made to Station Agents once
   a week, or oftener when quantity warrants.

   AMES-ILLIAC                       NARV
      Stan Golding                      Robert Sundberg
      Mail Stop 233-13                  Harvard University
      NASA Ames Research Center         Aiken Computation Laboratory
      Moffett Field, Calif. 94035       33 Oxford Street
                                        Cambridge, Mass. 02138

   AMES-CD                           IBMW
      See AMES-ILLIAC                   Douglas McKay
                                        IBM Watson Research Center
                                        P.O. Box 218
                                        Yorktown Heights, N.Y. 10598

   ARC                               ILL
      Cindy Page                        Nan Brown
      Stanford Research Institute       University of Illinois
      Augmentation Research Center      Center for Advanced Computation
      333 Ravenswood Ave.               168 Engineering Research Lab.
      Menlo Park, Calif. 94025          Urbana, Ill. 61801

   ARPA                              LINC-67
      Margaret Goering                  Carol Mostrom
      Advanced Research Projects Agency Mass. Institute of Technology
      1400 Wilson Boulevard             Lincoln Laboratory
      Arlington, Va. 22209              244 Wood Street
                                        Lexington, Mass. 02173

   BBN-SCI                           LINC-TX2
      See BBN-SCI                       See LINC-67

   CASE                              MAC
      John Barden                       Frances L. Yost
      Case Western Reserve University   Mass. Institute of Technology
      Computing and Informat. Sciences  Project MAC
      10900 Euclid Ave.                 545 Technology Square
      Cleveland, Ohio 44106             Cambridge, Mass. 02139

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ARPA Network Mailing Lists      RFC 168                         NIC 6785

   CCA                               MITRE
      Martha Ginsberg                   David Wood
      Computer Corporation of America   Mitre Corporation
      565 Technology Square             Information Systems Dept. W140
      Cambridge, Mass. 02139            Westgate Research Park
                                        McLean, Va. 22101

   CMU                               NBS
      Carolyn Lisle                     Mrs. Shirley Watkins
      Carnegie Mellon University        National Bureau of Standards
      Computer Science Department       Bldg. 225, Room B216
      Schenley Park                     Washington, D.C. 20234
      Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213

   NIC                               UCSB
      See ARC                           Elizabeth Gibson
                                        Univ. of Calif. at St. Barbara
                                        Computer Research Laboratory
                                        Santa Barbara, Calif. 93106

   RADC                              USC
      Linda Connelly                    Merilee Osterboudt
      Rand Corporation                  University of Southern Calif.
      Griffiss Air Force Base           Olin Hall of Engineering
      Rome, New York 13440              Room 340
                                        Los Angeles, Calif. 90007

   RAY                               UTAH
      Laura White                       Nancy Bruderer
      Raytheon Data Systems             University of Utah
      1415 Boston-Providence Turnpike   Computer Science / IRL
      Norwood, Mass. 02062              Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

      Judith C. Needham
      System Development Corporation
      Information Porcessing Information Center
      2500 Colorado Avenue
      Santa Monica, Calif. 90406

      Rilla Reynolds
      Stanford Research Institute
      Artificial Intelligence Group
      333 Ravenswood Avenue
      Menlo Park, Calif. 94025

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ARPA Network Mailing Lists      RFC 168                         NIC 6785

      Barbara Barnett
      Stanford University
      Artificial Intelligence Group
      D.C. Power Lab
      Stanford, Calif. 94305

      Carol Wilkinson
      Stanford University
      Serra House
      Heuristic Programming Project
      Stanford, Calif. 94305

      Imogen Beattie
      University of California at Los Angeles
      3531 Boelter Hall
      Los Angeles, Calif. 90024

      Anita Coley
      University of California at Los Angeles
      3531 Boelter Hall
      Los Angeles, Calif. 90024

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