RFC 306
This document is obsolete. Please refer to RFC 315.

Network Working Group                                      E. Westheimer
Request for Comments: 306                                            BBN
NIC: 9257                                              February 15, 1972
Obsoletes: None

                          NETWORK HOST STATUS

   This RFC reports on the status of most Network Hosts from January 31
   to February 11.

   Several Hosts are currently excluded from the daily testing.  These
   Hosts fall into two categories:

      1)  Hosts which are not expected to be functioning on the Network
          as servers (available for use from other sites) on a regular
          basis for at least two weeks.  Included here are:

          NETWORK              SITE                COMPUTER

          133                  BBN                 PDP-10  (B)
          13                   Case                PDP-10
          15                   Ames/(Paoli)        ILLIAC/(B6500)

      2)  Hosts which are currently intended to be users only.  Included
          here are the Terminal IMPs, which are presently in the Network
          (AMES, MITRE, NBS and BBN*).  This category also includes the
          Network Control Center computer (Network Address 5) which is
          used solely for gathering statistics from the Network.
          Finally, included among these Hosts are the following:

          NETWORK              SITE                COMPUTER

          7                    Rand                IBM-360/65
          73                   Harvard             PDP-1
          12                   Illinois            PDP-11
          19                   NBS                 PDP-11

   The tables on the next two pages summarize the Host status for this

   *The BBN Terminal IMP (Network Address 158) is a prototype and as
   such is frequently not connected to the Network, but being used to
   refine and debug the Terminal IMP programs.

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RFC 306                   Network Host Status              February 1972

                                                           "STATUS OR
   SITE     SITE         COMPUTER      STATUS OR           PREDICTIONS"
   ADDRESS                             PREDICTION          OBTAINED FROM

      1     UCLA         SIGMA-7       Server # Limited   Jon Postel
     65     UCLA         IBM-360/91    NETRJS now         Bob Braden
                                       (Telnet in April)
      2     SRI(NIC)     PDP-10        Server             John Melvin
     66     SRI(AI)      PDP-10        SOON               Len Chaiten
      3     UCSB         IBM-360/75    Server             Jim White
      4     UTAH         PDP-10        Server             Barry Wessler
     *5     BBN(NCC)     DDP-516       Never              Alex McKenzie
     69     BBN(TENEX-A) PDP-10        Server             Dan Murphy
   *133     BBN(TENEX-B) PDP-10        Server(Exper.)     Dan Murphy
      6     MIT(Multics) H-645         Server             Mike Padlipsky
     70     MIT(DM)      PDP-10        Server             Bob Bressler
     *7     RAND         IBM-360/65    User only          Eric Harslem
     71     RAND         PDP-10        Server             Eric Harslem
     *8     SDC          IBM-370/155   Server             Bob Long
      9     HARVARD      PDP-10        Server             Bob Sundberg
    *73     HARVARD      PDP-1         User only          Bob Sundberg
     10     LINCOLN      IBM-360/67    SOON               Joel Winnet
     74     LINCOLN      TX-2          Server             Will Kantrowitz
     11     STANFORD     PDP-10        SOON               Andy Moorer
    *12     ILLINOIS     PDP-11        User only          John Cravits
    *13     CASE         PDP-10        March              Charles Rose
     14     CARNEGIE     PDP-10        SOON               Hal VanZoeren
     15     AMES/(PAOLI) ILLIAC        September          John McConnell
     16     AMES         IBM-360/67    SOON               Wayne Hathaway
   *144     AMES         TIP           User only
   *145     MITRE        TIP           User only
    *19     NBS          PDP-11        User only          Robert Rosenthal
   *147     NBS          TIP           User only
   *158     BBN          TIP           User only

   * Host not included in daily testing.

   # The NMC is a research site and would like to have prior arrangement
   with each user.

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RFC 306                   Network Host Status              February 1972

SITE     SITE                         DATE AND TIME (EASTERN)
NO.                1/31  2/1  2/2  2/3  2/4  2/7  2/8  2/9  2/10  2/11
                    1430 1530 1430 1630 1530 1830 1500 1730  1000 1230

1    UCLA-NMC       H     O    O    O    O    O    O    O     O    #D
65   UCLA-CCN       O     O    O    O    D    O    O    O     D    #D
2    SRI-ARC        O     O    D    O    O    O    O    T     H    O
66   SRI-AI         D     D    D    D    D    D    D    D     D    D
3    UCSB-MOD75     O     O    H    O    H    D    O    O     O    O
4    UTAH-10        D     O    T    O    D    D    D    O     D    D
69   BBN-TENEX      T     O    O    O    O    D    O    O     O    O
6    MIT-Multics    O     O    D    O    O    D    R    D     O    O
     MIT-DMCG       H     D    D    D    D    D    H    D     O    O
71   RAND-CSG       T     T    T    D    D    D    D    D     T    T
8    SDC-ADEPT      #D    #D   #D   #D   #D   D    #D   D     #D   #D
9    HARVARD        O     O    O    O    #D   #T   O    O     D    #D
10   L.L.-67        T     H    H    D    H    D    H    H     H    H
74   L.L.-TX-2      D     D    D    T    T    #D   O    #D    D    #T
11   SU-AI          D     D    D    D    D    D    D    D     D    D
14   CMU-10         D     H    H    H    H    D    D    D     D    H
16   AMES-67        D     D    D    D    D    D    D    D     D    D


   D = Dead (Destination Host either dead or inaccessible [due to
       network partitioning or local IMP failure] from the BBN Terminal

   H = 1/2 Open (Destination Host opened a connection but then either
       immediately closed it, or did not respond any further.)

   O = Open (Destination Host opened a connection and was accessible to

   R = Refused (Destination Host returned a CLS to the initial RFC.)

   T = Time out (Destination Host did not complete the ICP and open a
       connection within 60 seconds.)

   * The only service currently offered by the UCLA IBM-360/91 is a
   Network Job Service (NETRJS), however, the BBN Terminal IMP is not
   equipped to test NETRJS.  We are assuming that initial connection to
   the NETRJS logger indicates that NETRJS is also functioning.

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RFC 306                   Network Host Status              February 1972

   # These sites advertise that they may not have their system available
   at these times.

        [This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry]
     [into the online RFC archives by Hélène Morin, Viagénie 10/99]

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