RFC 384

Network Working Group                                    Jeanne B. North
Request for Comments: 384                ARPA Network Information Center
Obsoletes: 289                                            28 August 1972
NIC: 11356


   Idents are given here in two lists, a list in alpha order and a list
   by Site address.

   These lists include only those organizations with present or
   scheduled direct connection to the Network.  Scheduled Sites are
   indicated by "s".  Inactive addresses are shown as "i".


Site Ident            Address           Organization

ABERDEEN                29 s  Aberdeen Research and Development Center
AFETR                    - s  Air Force Eastern Test Range
ALOHA                   35 i  Aloha Network, University of Hawaii
ALOHA-TIP              163 s  Aloha Network, University of Hawaii
AMEC      see Belvoir
AMES-67                 16    NASA Ames Research Center
AMES-TIP               144    NASA Ames Research Center
ARPA-TIP               156    Advanced Research Projects Agency
BBN 1D                 197    Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
BBN-NCC                  5    Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
BBN-TENEXA              69    Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
BBN-TENEXB             133    Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
BBN-TESTIP             158    Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
BBN-TIP                 30 i  Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
BELVOIR                 27 s  USAMERDC, Fort Belvoir
BELVOIR                 55    USAMERDC, Fort Belvoir
CASE-10                 13    Case Western Reserve University
CCA                     31 s  Computer Corporation of America
CCA-TIP                159 s  Computer Corporation of America
CMU-CC                  14    Carnegie-Mellon University
DCAO                     - s  Defense Communications Agency Operations
DOCB                   153    Department of Commerce, Boulder
ETAC-TIP               148    USAF-ETAC
FNWC                    33 s  Fleet Numerical Weather Central
FNWC-TIP               161 s  Fleet Numerical Weather Central

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RFC 384             SITE IDENTS FOR THE ARPA NETWORK         August 1972

Site Ident            Address           Organization

GWC                     24 i  Air Force Global Weather Central
GWC-TIP                152    Air Force Global Weather Central
HARV-1                  73    Harvard University
HARV-10                  9    Harvard University
HARV-11                137    Harvard University
ICCC                   161 s  Intl. Computer Commun. Conference
ILL-ANTS                12    University of Illinois
ILLIAC                  15    NASA Ames Research Center
LBL                     34 s  Lawrence Berkeley Labs
LLL                      - s  Lawrence Livermore Labs
LL-67                   10    M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory
LL-TSP                 138    M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory
LL-TX-2                 74    M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory
MCCL-418                22    McClellan Air Force Base
MIT-AI                 134    M.I.T., Artificial Intelligence Group
MIT-DMCG                70    M.I.T., Dynamic Modeling and Control Group
MIT-ML                 198    M.I.T., Mathematics Laboratory
MIT-MULTICS             6     M.I.T., MULTICS Group
MITRE-TIP              145    MITRE Corporation
NBS-CCST                19    National Bureau of Standards
NBS-TIP                147    National Bureau of Standards
NYU                     -  s  New York University
PARC-MAXC               32 s  XEROX PARC
PARC-VTS                96 s  XEROX PARC
RADC-645                18 i  Rome Air Development Center
RADC-TIP               146    Rome Air Development Center
RAND-RCC                 7    Rand Corporation
SAAC-TIP               154    Teledyne Geotech,
                              Seismic Analysis Array Center
SDC-ADEPT                8    System Development Corporation
SRI-AI                  66    Stanford Research Institute,
                              Artificial Intelligence Group
SRI-ARC                  2    Stanford Research Institute,
                              Augmentation Research Center
SU-AI                   11    Stanford University,
                              Artificial Intelligence Group
TINK-418                21    Tinker Air Force Base
UCLA-NMC                 1    University of California at Los Angeles,
                              Network Measurement Center
UCLA-CCN                65    University of California at Los Angeles
                              Campus Computing Network
UCSB-MOD75               3    University of California at Santa Barbara
UCSD-CC                129    University of California at San Diego
USC-44                  23 s  University of Southern California

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RFC 384             SITE IDENTS FOR THE ARPA NETWORK         August 1972

USC-ISI                 71    University of Southern California
                              Information Sciences Institute
USC-TIP                151    University of Southern California
UTAH-10                  4    University of Utah


Site Ident           Address           Organization

AFETR                    - s   Air Force Eastern Test Range
LLL                      - s   Lawrence Livermore Labs
NYU                      - s   New York University
UCLA-NMC                 1     University of California at Los Angeles,
                               Network Measurement Center
SRI-ARC                  2     Stanford Research Institute
                               Augmentation Research Center
UCSB-MOD75               3     University of California at Santa Barbara
UTAH-10                  4     University of Utah
BBN-NCC                  5     Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
MIT-MULTICS              6     M.I.T., Multics Group
RAND-RCC                 7     Rand Corporation
SDC-ADEPT                8     System Development Corporation
HARV-10                  9     Harvard University
LL-67                   10     M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory
SU-AI                   11     Stanford University,
                               Artificial Intelligence Group
ILL-ANTS                12     University of Illinois
CASE-10                 13     Case Western Reserve University
CMU-CC                  14     Carnegie-Mellon University
ILLIAC                  15     NASA Ames Research Center
AMES-67                 16     NASA Ames Research Center
MITRE                   17 i   MITRE Corporation
RADC-645                18 i   Rome Air Development Center
NBS-CCST                19     National Bureau of Standards
ETAC                    20 i   USAF-ETAC
TINK-418                21     Tinker Air Force Base
MCCL-418                22     McClellan Air Force Base
USC-44                  23 s   University of Southern California
GWC                     24 i   Air Force Global Weather Central
NOAA                    25 i   Department of Commerce, Boulder
SAAC                    26 i   Teledyne Geotech,
                               Seismic Analysis Array Center
AMEC                    27 s   USAMERDC, Fort Belvoir
ARPA                    28     Advanced Research Projects Agency
ABERDEEN                29 s   Aberdeen Research and Development Center
BBN-TIP                 30 i   Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
CCA                     31 s   Computer Corporation of America

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RFC 384             SITE IDENTS FOR THE ARPA NETWORK         August 1972

Site Ident           Address           Organization

PARC-MAXC               32 s   Xerox Parc
FNWC                    33 i   Fleet Numerical Weather Central
LBL                     34 s   Lawrence Berkeley Labs
ALOHA                   35 i   Aloha Network, University of Hawaii
UCLA-CCN                65     University of California at Los Angeles,
                               Campus Computing Network
SRI-AI                  66     Stanford Research Institute,
                               Artificial Intelligence Group
BBN-TENEXA              69     Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
MIT-DMCG                70     M.I.T. Dynamic Modeling and Control Group
USC-ISI                 71     University of Southern California,
                               Information Sciences Institute
HARV-1                  73     Harvard University
LL-TX-2                 74     M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory
AMES                    79 i   NASA Ames Research Laboratory
PARC-VTS                96     Xerox PARC
UCSD-CC                129     University of California at San Diego
BBN-TENEXB             133     Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
MIT-AI                 134     M.I.T., Artificial Intelligence Group
HARV-11                137     Harvard University
LL-TSP                 138     M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory
AMES-TIP               144     NASA Ames Research Center
MITRE-TIP              145     MITRE Corporation
RADC-TIP               146     Rome Air Development Center
NBS-TIP                147     National Bureau of Standards
ETAC-TIP               148     USAF-ETAC
USC-TIP                151     University of Southern California
GWC-TIP                152     Air Force Global Weather Central
DOCB                   153     Department of Commerce, Boulder
SAAC-TIP               154     Teledyne Geotech
                               Seismic Analysis Array Center
BELVOIR                155     USAMERDC, Fort Belvoir
ARPA-TIP               156     Advanced Research Projects Agency
BBN-TESTIP             158     Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
CCA-TIP                159 s   Computer Corporation of America
ICCC                   161 s   Intl. Comp. Comm. Conference
FNWC                   161 s   Fleet Numerical Weather Central
ALOHA-TIP              163 s   Aloha Network, University of Hawaii
BBN-1D                 197     Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
MIT-ML                 198     M.I.T., Mathematics Laboratory

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