RFC 800

Network Working Group                                          J. Postel
Request for Comments: 800                                      J. Vernon
                                                           November 1982

                     Requests For Comments Summary
                             Notes: 700-799

This RFC is a slightly annotated list of the 100 RFCs from RFC 700
through RFC 799.  This is a kind of status report on these RFCs.

RFC     Author       Date        Title
---     ------       ----        -----

799     Mills        Sep 81      Internet Name Domains

  A suggestion that, as the internet grows, the space of host names
  cannot remain a flat space of globally unique names, and that a
  hierarchy of name domains be introduced; see also RFC 822.

798     Katz         Sep 81      Decoding Facsimile Data From the
                                 Rapicom 450

  A description of the encoding/decoding procedure for Rapicom450
  facsimile machine.

797     Katz         Sep 81      Format for Bitmap Files

  The description of a simple file format for bitmap data.

796     Postel       Sep 81      Address Mappings

  A description of the way the addresses of a few actual networks are
  mapped into internet addresses.

795     Postel       Sep 81      Service Mappings

  A description of how the internet type of service is mapped into the
  actual service parameters of a few particular networks, and vice

794     Cerf         Sep 81      Pre-Emption

  Discusses how pre-emption of TCP connection can be implemented.
  Replaces IEN 125.

793     Postel       Sep 81      Transmission Control Protocol

  The specification of TCP.  Replaces RFCs 761 and 675.

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RFC 800                                                    November 1982

792     Postel       Sep 81      Internet Control Message Protocol

  The specification of ICMP.  Replaces RFCs 777 and 760.

791     Postel       Sep 81      Internet Protocol

  The specification of IP.  Replaces RFC 760.

790     Postel       Sep 81      Assigned Numbers

  The list of numbers assigned for networks, protocols, etc.  Replaces
  RFCs 776, 770, 762, 758, 755, 750, 739, 604.

789     Rosen        Jul 81      Vulnerabilities of Network Control
                                 Protocols:  An Example

  A description of an outage in ARPANET service and the process of
  determining the cause; also, subtleties of designing network

788     Postel       Nov 81      Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

  An old version; see RFC 821.

787     Chapin      July 81      Connectionless Data Transmission

  A discussion of datagram service.  Intended for submission to
  international standards bodies.

786     Sluizer     July 81      Mail Transfer Protocol:  ISI TOPS20
                                 MTP-NIMAIL Interface

  The description of the way mail is passed between the MTP and the
  NIMAIL programs in ISI TOPS20.  Outdated.

785     Sluizer     July 81      Mail Transfer Protocol:  ISI TOPS20
                                 File Definitions

  The description of the file format for passing mail to the MTP program
  from user mail programs in ISI TOPS20.  Outdated.

784     Sluizer     July 81      Mail Transfer Protocol:  ISI TOPS20

  The description of the program structure for the MTP implementation in
  the ISI TOPS20.  Outdated.

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RFC 800                                                    November 1982

783     Sollins     June 81      The TFTP Protocol Revision 2

  The specification of TFTP.  Replaces RFCs 768, 764 and IEN 133.

782     Nabielsky   undated      A Virtual Terminal Management Model

  A description of the elements of a virtual terminal and the management
  of communications between them.

781     Su           May 81      A Specification of the Internet
                                 Protocol IP Timestamp Option

  The description of IP Timestamp option, now included in the IP
  specification (RFC 791).

780     Sluizer      May 81      Mail Transfer Protocol

  An outdated Mail protocol; see RFC 821.

779     Killian      Apr 81      TELNET SEND-LOCATION Option

  Definition of this Telnet option.

778     Mills     18 Apr 81      DCNet Internet Clock Service

  Specifies a format and procedure for the exchange of messages to
  maintain synchronized  clocks.

777     Postel       Apr 81      Internet Control Message Protocol

  An old version; see RFC 792.

776     Postel       Jan 81      Assigned Numbers

  An old version; see RFC 790.

775     Mankins      Dec 80      Directory Oriented FTP Commands

  The definition of additional FTP Commands related to directory

774     Postel       Oct 80      Internet Protocol Handbook Table of

  An out-of-date table of contents for an Internet Protocol Handbook.

Postel & Vernon                                                 [page 3]

RFC 800                                                    November 1982

773     Cerf         Oct 80      Comments on NCP/TCP Mail Service
                                 Transition Strategy

  A discussion of issues in the transition from NCP to TCP, particularly
  as related to MAIL Service.

772     Sluizer      Sep 80      Mail Transfer Protocol

  An old version of a Mail Protocol; see RFC 821.

771     Cerf         Sep 80      Mail Transition Plan

  A plan for supporting mail service in the transition from NCP to TCP;
  see also RFC 801.

770     Postel       Sep 80      Assigned Numbers

  An old version; see RFC 790.

769     Postel    26 Sep 80      Rapicom 450 Facsimile File Format

  The definition of the exchange format of the encoded facsimile data of
  the Rapicom 450; see also RFC 798.

768     Postel    28 Aug 80      User Datagram Protocol

  The specification of the UDP.

767     Postel       Aug 80      A Structured Format for  Transmission
                                 of Multi-Media Documents

  The definition of the format for the document of a multimedia message.

766     Postel       Jul 80      Internet Protocol Handbook

  An out-of-date table of contents for the Internet Protocol Handbook.

765     Postel       Jun 80      File Transfer Protocol

  The specification of FTP.

764     Postel       Jun 80      Telnet Protocol Specification

  The specification of Telnet.

763     Abrams     7 May 80      Role Mailboxes

  A call for mailboxes with role names, such as "Management".

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RFC 800                                                    November 1982

762     Postel       Jan 80      Assigned Numbers

  An old version; see RFC 790.

761     Postel       Jan 80      DOD Standard Transmission Protocol

  An old version; see RFC 793.

760     Postel       Jan 80      DOD Standard Internet Protocol

  An old version; see RFC 791.

759     Postel       Aug 80      Internet Message Protocol

  The definition of the protocol and format for the exchange of
  multimedia mail.  Replaces RFC 753.

758     Postel       Aug 79      Assigned Numbers

  An old version; see RFC 790.

757     Deutsch   10 Sep 79      A Suggested Solution to the Naming,
                                 Addressing, and Delivery Problem for
                                 ARPANET Message Systems

  Discusses several proposals for handing the name to address to route
  processing for computer mail.  Favors a solution based on unique-ids
  and a data base, see also RFCs 759, 821 and 822.

756     Pickens      Jul 79      The NIC Name server--A  Datagram-Based
                                 Information Utility

  Describes a Host Name to Address look up service.

755     Postel     3 May 79      Assigned Numbers

  An old version; see RFC 790.

754     Postel     6 Apr 79      Out-of-Net Host Addresses for Mail

  A discussion of options for addressing computer mail beyond the

753     Postel       Mar 79      Internet Message Protocol

  An old version; see RFC 759.

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RFC 800                                                    November 1982

752     Crispin    3 Jan 79      A Universal Host Table

  Describes the host table used at MIT and Stanford.  This has several
  extensions and generalizations from the NIC standard and the table
  used by most Tenex and TOPS20 hosts.

751     Lebling   10 Dec 78      Survey of FTP Mail and MLFL

  A survey of hosts' responses to probes of their FTP servers to see if
  servers (a) accept mail for unknown users and (b) support the MAIL and
  MLFL commands.

750     Postel    26 Sep 78      Assigned Numbers

  An old version; see RFC 790.

749     Greenberg 18 Sep 78      Telnet SUPDUP-OUTPUT Option

  Updates RFC 736; see also RFCs734, 746 and 747.

748     Crispin    1 Apr 78      TELNET RANDOMLY-LOSE Option

  Defines this Telnet option (note the date of this memo).

747     Crispin   21 Mar 78      Recent Extensions to the SUPDUP

  An update to the SUPDUP protocol (RFC 734); see also RFCs 749, 746 and

746     Stallman  17 Mar 78      The SUPDUP Graphics Extension

  An extension of SUPDUP for Graphics; see also RFCs 734, 736, 747 and

745     Beeler    30 Mar 78      JANUS Interface Specifications

  The specification of a symmetrical 1822 style interface.

744     Sattley    8 Jan 78      MARS - A Message Archiving and
                                 Retrieval Service

  The description of a database service for computer mail messages,
  which operates via computer mail.

743   Harrenstien 30 Dec 77      FTP extension:  XRSQ/XRCP

  An extension to FTP mail to allow more efficient transmission of
  computer mail.  Now incorporated into SMTP; see RFC788.

Postel & Vernon                                                 [page 6]

RFC 800                                                    November 1982

742   Harrenstien 30 Dec 77      NAME/FINGER Protocol

  Defines the Name or Finger Protocol which allows one to get "who is
  on" or "where is user x" information from another host.

741     Cohen     22 Nov 77      Specifications for the Network Voice
                                 Protocol NVP

  Defines the protocol used in the ARPANET packet speech experiments.

740     Braden    22 Nov 77      NETRJS Protocol

  Defines the protocol used for Remote Job Entry on the UCLA CCN IBM
  system; replaces RFCs 599 and 189.

739     Postel    11 Nov 77      Assigned Numbers

  An old version; see RFC 790.

738   Harrenstien 31 Oct 77      Time Server

  Defines the Time Server Protocol; see IEN 142 for the TCP and VDP

737   Harrenstien 31 Oct 77      FTP Extension: XSEN

  An extenion to the Mail procedures.  This function is incorporated in
  the SMTP; see also RFC 821.

736     Crispin   31 Oct 77      TELNET SUPDUP Option

  Defines the procedure for negotiating to use the SUPDUP, protocol as a
  TELNET option; see also RFCs 734, 746, 747 and 749.

735     Crocker    3 Nov 77      Revised TELNET Byte Macro Option
                                 Obsoletes 40306

  Defines a Telnet option for assigning codes to stand for strings in
  Telnet connections.  Replaces RFC 729.

734     Crispin    7 Oct 77      SUPDUP Protocol

  Description of a terminal control protocol used at STANFORD and MIT;
  see also RFCs 736, 746-749.

733     Crocker   21 Nov 77      Standard for the Format of ARPA Network
                                 Text Messages

  Specification of the format for the headers of computer mail.  An old
  version; see RFC 822.

Postel & Vernon                                                 [page 7]

RFC 800                                                    November 1982

732     Day       12 Sep 77      TELNET Data Entry Terminal Option

  The specification of a Telnet Option for the control of a data entry
  display terminal.  Replaces RFC 731.

731     Day       27 Jun 77      TELNET Data Entry Terminal Option

  An old version; see RFC 732.

730     Postel    20 May 77      Extensible Field Addresing

  Discusses some ideas on addressing that come up in the context of
  changing from 8-bit to 24-bit network addresses.

729     Crocker   13 May 77      TELNET Byte Macro Option

  An old version; see RFC 735.

728     Day       27 Apr 77      A Minor Pitfall in the Telnet Protocol

  Warns of the possibility of an unexpected occurence in Telnet
  resulting from the interaction between option subnegotiations and the
  telnet SYNCH operation.

727     Crispin   27 Apr 77      TELNET Logout Option

  Defines a telnet option for causing a logout.

726     Postel     8 Mar 77      Remote Controlled Transmission and
                                 Echoing Telnet Option

  Defines a Telnet option for controlling the transmission and echoing
  of data to smooth the response to use in high transmission delay
  environments; see also RFCs 719 and 718.

725     Day        1 Mar 77      An RJE Protocol for a Resource Sharing

  Describes a possible Remote Job Entry protocol.

724     Crocker   12 May 77      Proposed Official Standard for the
                                 Format of ARPA Network Messages

  An old version; see RFC 822.

722     Haverty   16 Sep 76      Thoughts on Interactions in Distributed

  A discussion on the design of interactive distributed services and the
  kinds of primitive operations that are needed.

Postel & Vernon                                                 [page 8]

RFC 800                                                    November 1982

721     Garlick    1 Sep 76      Out of Band Control Signals in a Host
                                 to Host Protocol

  A discussion of the control signals in transport protocols (e.g.,
  NCP's Interrupt or TCP's Urgent).

720     Crocker    5 Aug 76      Address Specification Syntax for
                                 Network Mail

  A discussion of computer mail addresses, with comments on real names
  vs. mailboxes, and mailing lists; see also RFC 819.

719     Postel    22 Jul 76      Discussion on RCTE

  A short discussion of RCTE implementation issues; see also RFCs 726
  and 718.

718     Postel    30 Jun 76      Comments on RCTE from the TENEX
                                 Implementation Experience

  A short note on the Tenex implementation of RCTE; see also RFCs 726
  and 719.

717     Postel     1 Jul 76      Assigned Network Numbers

  An old version; see RFC 790.

716     Levin     24 May 76      Interim Revision to Appendix F of BBN

  A short note updating the specification of the very Distant Host 1822

714     McKenzie  21 Apr 76      A Host/Host Protocol for an
                                 ARPANET-type Network

  A specification of a NCP-like protocol for an ARPA-like network.
  Interesting to compare to the NCP specification to see what the author
  would do differently.

713     Haverty    6 Apr 76      MSDTP -- Message Services Data
                                 Transmission Protocol

  The specification of a set of Data Primitives for building interactive

712     Donnelley  5 Feb 76      A Distributed Capability Computing
                                 System DCCS

  A description of a Distributed Capability based computing system.

Postel & Vernon                                                 [page 9]

RFC 800                                                    November 1982

708     White      5 Jan 76      Elements of a Distributed  Programming

  A description of a Distributed programming system; see also RFC 707.

707     White     23 Dec 75      A High-Level Framework for
                                 Network-Based Resource Sharing

  A description of a programming environment for network-based programs;
  see also RFC 708.

706     Postel     8 Nov 75      On the Junk Mail Problem

  A short note pointing out that the ARPANET maybe subject to a "denial
  of service" attack by a misbehaving host.

705     Bryan      5 Nov 75      Front-End Protocol

  Describes a protocol used between a PDP-11 (the ARPANET front end) and
  a B6700 to support network communication.

704     Santos    15 Sep 75      IMP/Host and Host/IMP Protocol Change

  Describes the changes to the 1822 interface to eliminate the
  restriction of 63 IMPs.

703     Dodds     11 Jul 75      Survey of New-Protocol Telnet Servers

  A poll of Telnet servers to check implementation status and Telnet
  options.  Updates RFCs 702, 701, 679 and 669.

702     Dodds     25 Sep 74      Survey of New-Protocol Telnet Servers

  An earlier poll of Telnet server implementation status; see also
  RFC's703, 701, 679, and 669.

701     Dodds        Aug 74      Survey of New-Protocol Telnet Servers

  An earlier poll of Telnet server implementation status; see also RFCs
  703, 702, 679 and 669.

700     Mader        Aug 74       A Protocol Experiment

  Describes a protocol based loosely on a very early version of TCP,
  used to send data to a printer server.



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